Caution - Workers Ahead

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Caution – Workers Ahead
Coroplast Sandwich Board
Made of lightweight corrugated polypropylene material, our floor stands are an economical way to get your messages noticed. Easy to use and transport.
Intecel Sandwich Board with Handle
Sandwich boards are made of ultra-smooth white intecel boards for a clean, professional look that doesn’t split and rot like traditional plywood sandwich boards. Sandwich boards can be used both indoors and outdoors. It comes with a convenient hinge handle.

Standard Options

Standard Sign MaterialsVinyl Sticker, Laminated Vinyl Sticker, Coroplast, Styrene (Thin Plastic), Celtec (3 mm Plastic), ACM (Aluminum Composite)
Standard Sizes20 x 12 in, 23.5 x 18 in, 32 x 24 in

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